1. Help the OC crowd? Nah, they’re causing enough trouble for gun owners in PA and MI. FL gun owners should be glad they’re not running though the kids section of a FL library with a shotgun- you know to educate people and for the “rights”.

  2. Andy, good luck with your divide and conquer strategy.

    When our bills fail because we can’t get gun owners to recognize rights because of a *tiny* fraction of a percent of idiots, bills to restrict everyone’s rights are right behind to ride the momentum.

    Not calling you a Fudd, but that’s exactly how the AWB got passed. The real Fudds said “Help the EBR crowd? Nah, they’re causing trouble for hunters in my state” and thus we didn’t hang together and instead, hung separately.

    I get perturbed with gun supporters pulling the same tactics as the anti’s – taking a single instance or a handful of anecdotes and turning it into “This is how things are”. Are there complete a$$holes in the OC movement? About the same percentage as there are in any movement. 5 minutes on ARFCOM and an average person would probably be willing to ban ARs. But we fight, even knowing stupid people will play stupid games and win stupid prizes, because the overall goal benefits us all.

    Trust me, the anti’s are just waiting in the wings to pull out any legislation they can to curtail rights, they just need enough people to segment off from the fight to make it feasible.

    1. It’s far from a divide and conquer strategy, I was never on your OC bandwagon. I never divided from your line of thinking, I don’t support this OC armed activism. Look at what your buddies did in MI, that was a lot of positive media attention there. Why is no one talking about the injunction being extended? Screaming it’s all about education and right while marching around a library with a shotgun trying to scare the baby weight off Susie Suburbia. It’s about attention whores, using a gun to get any sort of attention even if it’s negative. One of you show offs will find out the hard way. You’re showing off the shape of your gun, the color, and to someone who knows just a bit about guns the model. People lie, and it won’t be long until one of your attention seekers get a whole lot of negative attention. These little confrontations that OC’er in MI and PA love to get into is going to turn into “he pulled out a black gun from a tan leather holster and threatened me with it”. People lie, and cops believe them. Be glad you don’t OC Rob. You’ll find out that the juice is not worth the squeeze. I stopped OC’ing because it provided NO BENEFIT other than attracting unneeded and unwanted attention. If you want to find out just how much attention. Try walking around the downtown in a thong, you’ll get it then.

      Maybe you should cruise on over to PAFOA and read all the negative encounters our ambassador gun owners are getting into. Fighting with store managers who ask them to leave, spewing profanity laced 2nd amendment arguments at anyone who questions their precious rights, and some of the downright stupid crap they do.

      1. Be glad I don’t OC? I’m fighting for the right to do so now. And when it passes, I will.

        I’ve found out something really disturbing in the push for rights – the worst people who will stab you in the back are gun owners. Hands down I have more to fear from other gunnies than the anti’s can ever muster.

        Being that I’ve been paying close attention to everything to do with OC, I know there are plenty of SNBI types out there. But you’re mistaken if you think it’s an Open Carrier thing. And you’re gravely mistaken if you think shutting down OC will protect your rights.

        I read plenty of OC stories where nothing happens. In fact, that’s generally what happens. I don’t get on Concealed Carry boards and constantly write posts saying “I went to the gas station today, loaded for bear. Homeless guy walked by, but that was it. Nothing happened.” Same goes for most OC’ers. There’s not much interesting to talk about when nothing happens.

        Take the news cycle. 80 million gun owners didn’t shoot someone over their wallet today. But the few thugs with guns that do make the news. And because you don’t hear about the non-shooters, it’s easy to believe that “guns are bad!”

        We get onto the anti’s for falling into that trap, we should make sure we don’t do it either.

        Most OC’ers are like you and me. And like any group, you have a**holes. Hell, I stopped visiting a reloading forum because of the sheer amount of crap that went on over something as simple as bullet shape.

        And then, I get *really* chaffed at people who don’t know me but are quick to jump on that I’m some sort of publicity seeking whore just because I find the benefits of OC to mesh with my lifestyle. I live where it’s HOT, my clothing choices are better suited to OWB carry, and I’m a 2A activist who can maintain his calm in the face of opposition and thus have no problems with any added attention.

        But come down to it, yes – it’s your RIGHT. Phelps, as disgusting as he is, has his right to free speech. I *must* defend even the indefensible because when I start telling the Government “I don’t like what that man is saying therefore I grant you the right to restrict his speech!”, it is no time at all until someone complains about what I say.

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