1. That quote makes less sense when taken out of context. 😉

    Reading it on a blog largely dedicated to competition shooting without having already read the post from which it came, I’d think you were advocating cheating at your next IDPA match. 😉

    1. That is a fair point; when I read it out of context of Uncle’s post it reads more like I’ve gone all Charlie Sheen on my readership.

  2. These OC tools are something else. What will they do next? Maybe they’ll start carrying AR’s to the circus, while wearing tactical gear, as a way to win over public support for OC. Why is the movement growing like it is and being populated by quick lipped and foul mouth armed activists. The harm they are doing will be felt for years.

    I have little sympathy for MI Open Carry. They lined up behind a misguided 20 year old and now they’re unprepared for a fight that will have lasting effects for all gun owners.

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