Practice, practice, practice

Short clips from an abbreviated practice session on Monday night.  The first clip is from a run of the FAST Drill, I was experimenting with some different camera angles.  I really like how this one came out, I think that if I paired with a hatcam shot I’d get some pretty cool footage.

The second bit is from a target ID drill. Each target downrange was marked with a color, those targets had to be engaged from the appropriate color coded port. At the start of each stage you picked the color you’d shoot and engage those targets throughout the stage. More difficult targets/ports were worth more points than targets that were easier to shoot. This was actually a pretty ingenious drill; most guys like me are used to just shooting all the targets we can see, so having to think about which port and what to shoot from it was a valuable exercise. Also, I can definitely see from this video that if I want to run with the big dogs, I need to work on my footwork big time.


  1. So you only shoot the blue targets from the blue holes, green targets from green holes, etc? Interesting. I like it.

    So you’re growing a Tier 1 Operator beard?

  2. Folks had a hard time groking this till I explained as “pick a color, shot *from* that color *to* that color only.”

  3. Are you just running the stock spring set up in that 1911? What are you shooting out of it? Very good muzzle control! The gun looks like it doesn’t even rise at all just looks like it recoils straight back.

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