IDPA Postal Match results are up!

Each year, IDPA runs a postal match, where every IDPA shooter has the opportunity to compare their skills against every IDPA shooter in the world.  Literally hundreds of shooters competed in the match, and now their scores are available.  The nice thing about the postal match is that lots of revolver shooters turn out for it; I managed to finish 5th overall in SSR, and was also the 5th SSR Master.  Not too bad, although I would have preferred a Top 3 finish.  It’s a drastic improvement from 2009’s Postal Match where I finished closer to the bottom than the top!


  1. I’m a little skeptical of that 4.94s on stage 4 posted by the guy that took 1st. 18 rounds and over 20 feet covered in under 5 seconds? Really? If that was a stage where you stood there and burned through 18 rounds as fast as possible without moving, I could buy it.

    I think someone missed the 1 when they were entering that..

  2. I’m middle of the middle of CDP/MM. Kicking myself for blowing one stage as usual.

  3. Congratulations! I shot postal matches in college when I shot smallbore rifle. Great way to see how you stand in a BIG group.

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