HK USP Combat Competition

Of all the guns out there that I have a thoroughly irrational lust for, near the top of that list is the HK USP Combat Competition.  There is just something about that gun that makes me really, really want it.  Maybe it’s the magwell, maybe it’s the sights, but I just can’t explain it.  I know all the arguments against USPs, but there’s just something about that gun that calls to me.  I can’t figure it out.


    1. I honestly have no idea! I’ve never even shot one; it’s just an object of unreasonable desire for me.

      1. Other then feels like packing a brick? Everything else is ok. Check out the newer H&Ks. The newer ones feel and pack much better.

  1. When you mention the “arguments against USPs” do you mean HK’s not-pro-civilian reputation? Or is there more to it?

    As a USP carrier myself, the things I would think of are the non-traditional magazine release; the much-higher-than-a-Glock price tag; and, at least in my .45 USP Compact, the wide body for no more magazine capacity than a 1911.

    Is that what you were thinking of? Did I miss anything?

      1. The triggers aren’t especially nice IMO. Sig has a better double action trigger. Maybe just my opinion though.

        I have to admit I like HK’s though too. Something about them that attracts me.

  2. You have zero right to ever give me crap about shooting an HK ever again. After all, you are hiding in the closet lusting after one. I at least flaunt my irrationality.

    1. I can’t help it! It’s the only USP that looks good, and it’s got all sorts of silly competition ge-gaws on it.

  3. What competition are they targeting? If IDPA or Production division it should be in 9mm instead of .40. If Limited or L10, it should have a longer barrel, it should be SA only, and it should come with (or at least have available) 20 rd magazines.

    Instead of calling it “competition” they should call it “HK USP Tacticool Magwell.”

    1. Andy wins! I actually laughed when I read that. And I really don’t know who they’re targeting with this, for exactly the reasons you stated.

      1. In other bizzare HK news they hired KC Eusebio, the brilliant Open shooter, to be part of their burgeoning competition team. As if there aren’t loads of Production shooters who would be happy to put down their Glocks and pick up a P30L in exchange for an HK shirt and an entrance fee every now and then. But noooo, they went after the Open shooter, who will now shoot that awesome HK Open gun that doesn’t exist. Once again, they don’t know who they’re targeting.

        1. I’m actually really excited to see his P30 open gun though. Plus, they also hired Jason Koon who’s going to be shooting Production with the P30L.

  4. To lust for anything with a plastic frame is, quite frankly, a vile and unnatural thing!
    Plastic is for tools, metal is for art!

  5. I’ve been running a full size USP w/ the LEM trigger for a few years now as my primary, and a 229DAK as my CCW. I love those triggers.

    Still don’t like Glock.

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