Kel-Tec KSG Pre-order

Apparently, you can pre-order the Kel-Tec KSG shotgun.  It’s $675 dollars to order it online, which means after shipping and FFL transfer fees, you’re looking at ballpack $725 total cost out the door.

Interestingly, due primarily to the attention brought to the issue by Gun Nuts and our awesome readers, Kel-Tec said that they will fix the broken trigger before shipping the gun to production, so that’s a positive.

But you shouldn’t buy this gun.  And you really shouldn’t buy this gun for 700 bucks.  Here’s what 700 bucks could get you instead:

So for the same $700, you get a gun that has a proven reputation for reliability and durability, and even better you actually learn how to shoot it if you should ever need it.  In my book, that’s a lot better than buying a silly range toy of questionable quality.


  1. I’m still going to get one because:

    A. I’m a shotgun nut, have taken a slew of shotgun classes, it’s the gun that brings up my average in 3gun, and I’ve taught defensive shotgun. So I’m okay on the training. As my theme song, Bad Company, says, I was born with a shotgun in my hands. :p

    B. I already own 6 other shotguns. (I’ve got an 870 that I’ve owned for 28 years that has over 100,000 rounds through it. Not a typo.)

    C. I can afford a silly range toy of questionable quality. 🙂

    I will do my best to break it and then I will post a review.

    1. That said, with it being a KelTec, I’m not buying one of the first ones. I’m letting somebody else get all the bugs worked out first. 😀

    2. Now that I’m 100% on board with. If you already have real shotguns and know how to shoot them, there’s no reason to not buy this. But if you’re looking for a serious defensive shotgun or a first shotgun, it’s not the best choice.

    1. That’s a bonus. You’re still likely going to have to pay FFL transfer fees, and in some areas you’ll even have to pay sales tax on the item.

  2. This brings up an interesting point. I’m thinking about getting a Benelli Nova or Supernova tactical. My only other shotgun is an Over Under I used to shoot skeet with.

    What do you think of the Benelli pumps?

    1. I think they are over rated and you are paying for a name. For a pump, I’d stick with a Rem 870 or a Mossberg 500/590…

      1. You say that but the Benelli Nova is only about $350, comes with ghost right sights and can shoot 3.5″ magnums. The “tactical” Rem 870 and Mossberg 500/590 are going for $500 or more in my area.

  3. I’m about tired of this. You haven’t shot it and yet you are dismissing it as a piece of crap. Shoot it or shut it.

    1. I don’t think he’s dismissing it as a piece of crap. He rightfully identified a serious issue with the trigger, and rightfully pointed out that for the same money, you can buy a tried-and-true shotgun and still afford to take a class with it. That’s not dismissing it as a piece of crap at all. In fact, it could be the best pump shotgun in the world, and Caleb’s assessment would still be correct.

    2. Andy pretty much nailed it – given Kel-Tec’s well earned rep for spotty QC and vaporware, I think there are a lot of better ways to spend 700 bucks on a shotgun. The Benelli Nova as noted above is only 350, and it comes from the factory with good sights and a built in recoil pad. For the money, that’s a much better deal.

    3. I own a Benelli Nova, it’s a great gun, with a stupid long barrel that is great for clays. A HD barrel costs over $400 for it. That means I’m in the market for ANOTHER shotgun, even though I don’t really need one. I won’t be buying a KSG this year or next year. But in five years? Maybe. I stand behind my statement, if you haven’t shot it, don’t knock it. Sure it’s vaporware right now, heck Kel-Tec could go under before they even get it market. But until somebody has run some serious rounds through it, it’s all armchair bullcrap.

      1. I hate to be argumentative, but this isn’t “innocent until proven guilty,” or “good until proven bad” or whatever.

        This is a new product that is yet to be proven to be worth it’s hefty price tag. Until that happens, people are better off buying something tried and true, and getting top notch training to learn how to use it.

  4. The Mossberg/Class deal would be great, if you lived in or near Washington AND can get your workplace to give you time off on short notice. Until I can get either of those, I’d rather take the KSG and not waste the gas and time driving 2,000 miles across half the country.

    1. The class is only an example. There are plenty of good trainers in the country that you wouldn’t have to drive 2000 miles to see.

    2. Heck, a serviceable, reliable pump action shotgun ($350), the Magpul DVD ($40), and a bunch of ammo ($300) would probably be money better spent than $700 on the Keltec shotgun. Training and practice are just that important.

      1. You know, if I had been really smart I would have posted that. Most people will gain far more benefit from firing 300 rounds of ammo in practice after watching the Magpul DVD than they would spending that money on the KSG.

        1. MagPul’s DVD was disappointing in this internet guy’s opinion. I’m was hoping for some researched and reasoned best practices and instead watched a lot of “try these five ways to see what works best for you” hand waving.

          Granted, they had a very difficult topic to cover what with each gun having a different manual of arms. But they didn’t even try to categorize the major operating systems in any sensible way. Instead, everybody is shooting everything with every different work flow option leaving more confusion than clarity with the watcher.

          If you’re comfortable with your shotgun, you’ll find something in the DVD worth its purchase price. If you’re brand new, you’ll be left wishing for the simplicity of the AR.

  5. i own a 500 and love it. its great firearm but im still going to buy the keltec unless they make a civilian version of the aa12. the ksg looks so damn cool

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