Put some clothes on


Gun Nuts approved!

Cool t-shirt with a quote from Athena Lee now available for sale from Women of USPSA.  16 bucks for the tank top, just $11 for the standard T-shirt.

Speaking of clothing, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point you to the Gun Nuts store, where you can get all sorts of fun items like the Tactical Coffee mug.

The final cool clothing product that we have for you today comes from my buddy Robb Allen, who in light of a recent comment made by some anti-gun person about “mass murder magazines” or something came up with the following graphic, which people immediately demanded become a shirt.

Induces the vapors in hippies

It’s fantastic.  It’s so delightfully un-PC that as soon as I finish typing this post, I’m going to go buy one.  Well played, Robb.



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