Gun Nuts Training officially launches!

I am really excited to announce the launch of Gun Nuts Training, a part of Gun Nuts Media, LLC.  Click the Training Schedule tab to see upcoming classes and enroll in a class near you.  Currently, classes are being hosted by West Coast Armory Indoor Range in Bellevue, WA – it’s 5 minutes from 405 and 2 minutes from I-90.  From downtown Seattle to the range?  25 minutes in rush hour traffic, which is pretty awesome.

Current classes are listed on the Training Schedule with class descriptions.  Right now we have three classes posted, IDPA Basic, IDPA Intermediate, and Accurate Pistol.  The IDPA classes are designed specifically for competition shooters at various levels to improve their skills; Basic focuses on the basics of IDPA competition such as the draw, reloads, and basic engagements from cover.  Intermediate steps it up a notch for the Sharpshooter and Expert level shooter looking to make the jump to Master.  Accurate pistol is actually based around Bianchi Cup, and takes you from shooting at 10 yards all the way out to 25.

Coming soon we’ll be adding an Intro to Competition shooting class, for the newbie looking to get started that has no knowledge of competition shooting whatsoever, but wants to get started.  Also coming up will be a special competition revolver class, as well as a “run what you brung” class that focuses on talking carry or street gear and applying it to competition as a starting point.

Check the Gun Nuts Training tab, and follow us on Facebook for our latest class updates!


  1. Awesome idea, good luck. I would love to attend a half-day 2-300 round introductory “This is IDPA” sort of class. Something that is just the basics to see if you like it and how matches work so you don’t act like a complete dork the first few times.

  2. I’m in Virginia, so that might be a bit of a stretch. I’ll be out your way in early July to visit my daughter and grandchildren, so I’ll see what you’re offering then. Good luck with this.

  3. Click the Training Schedule tab to see upcoming classes and enroll in a class near you.

    1909: Henry Ford said you could have your Model-T any color you wanted, as long as it was black.

    2011: Caleb says enroll in a class near you as long as near you is Bellevue, Washington

    😉 Good luck with your venture.

    1. Classes are only available at West Coast Armory for now, as the training side grows we’ll be adding more locations and opportunities.

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