1. That is actually one of the reasons to buy the Pro Series revolvers as opposed to the standard production line guns. The Pro Series revos don’t use as many MIM parts in the guts or so I’m told by S&W.

      Also, whenever I say “guts” in reference to MIM, I think “same guts as sony!”

  1. I have never experienced a problem with MIM parts in a quality brand name firearm.

    1. I have.

      But then again, I worked at a place that fixed busted guns.

      A good MIM part, in most applications, is just fine, although I’ll note that some pieces (for example, the trigger bar on the Walther PPK) are just not of MIM-friendly dimensions.

      Also, the little ball-end of the trigger lever on newer Smith MIM lockwork looks like the head of a morningstar when you look at it under a loupe…

    2. I have also had MIM failure issues.

      Springfield 1911… MIM Disconnector snapped rendering the gun only marginally useful as a bludgeoning weapon.

      Now it’s my personal S.O.P. to replace all MIM Parts with quality forged steel pieces as soon as is financially possible.

  2. Ok, so how on earth do you just look at a pile of parts like that and know which ones are MIM?

    1. Laughingdog,

      You know what just frickin’ kills me?

      Half the people who wonder “How did she look st that picture and know those are MIM parts?” are going to be arguing gun stuff with me on the internets tomorrow.

      And people wonder why I’m all bitter and burnt-out about this shit…

  3. Hey, not everyone is bright enough to recognize a walking, talking gun encyclopedia when they see one. As for the trigger and the hammer, I see what you’re talking about on the former. But not knowing what a non-MIM piece would look like, I don’t have a basis for comparison yet.

    Sadly, I suspect my SKS and lever action .44 are the only things I own that don’t have at least some MIM pieces in there.

      1. If I had as many people insisting that I’m an idiot because I slaughtered their sacred cow, I’d be a little burnt out as well.

        Fortunately, work tends to be the only thing that gets me burned out. It’s like it’s my fault that what they want to do is against the law. I’m not the EPA. I just get paid to attempt to understand their regs.

        On a side note, I should be in Indy for a week in April for work. I’d love to meet up with you and Roberta while I’m there, if possible. I sent you an email around 7pm with the dates.

        Now I just need to figure out if a VA CHP is recognized up there.

      1. Have you taken apart and reassembled an old 4- or 5-screw Smith yet?

        Once you do, you’ll be pissed at Smith for doing away with that 4th screw in front of the trigger guard, the one that let you just drop the cylinder stop plunger and spring in and out of the gun with no folding, spindling, mutilating, or cussing.

  4. Great photo. After all this talk of 1911’s its nice to see a real “shoot every time” handgun.

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