Gun Nuts Radio: Travis Marsh, Top Shot Season 2

Last night we kicked off our Top Shot Season 2 interview series, starting with Travis Marsh.  Travis was the first guy eliminated off season 2, and he came from the Blue Team (a note of some disappointment to me, to see Blue Team lose the first challenge), and last night we welcomed him on the air to talk about his experience on Season 2 of Top Shot.  You can listen to the podcast here, or download an .mp3 version.  As always, Gun Nuts Radio is available on iTunes by clicking the button below.

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Like I said, that was our first in a series of Top Shot interviews. As the season goes, we’ll get each contestant on the show as they get eliminated, so make sure you head to each Wednesday night at 7pm Pacific for Gun Nuts Radio, brought to you by GunUp.Com!

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  1. In all honesty, I quit watching Top Shot as it was obviously more about a reality show and less about shooting. It was politics. As Mr. Travis March indicated when he was eliminated, it was not about who missed a shot. I turn my back on Top Shot. I listened to this radio episode to see if Top Shot had changed – it has not. I won’t listen to any more Gun Nuts radio when it covers Top Shot. I will listen when other topics are covered.

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