Gun Nuts Radio: Travis Marsh of Top Shot

Join us live tonight on Gun Nuts Radio at 7pm Pacific time (10pm Eastern) as we’ll be talking to Travis Marsh from Season 2 of Top Shot.  This kicks off our Top Shot Reloaded interview series at Gun Nuts Radio; History has given us access to all the contestants, and you’re going to be hearing from them about their experience on Top Shot every Wednesday night during Season 2.  We’re excited at Gun Nuts Radio to be the first outlet running these interviews, and hope that you guys out there enjoy them as much as we do.

So join me tonight, live at 7pm Pacific time at for the first episode in our Top Shot Interview Series featuring Travis Marsh!


  1. Wow, all i had to do is check my RSS feed on this site and i get to see who was eliminated from Top Shot! No need to watch it now! Thanks for the burn Caleb.

    1. Sorry, but there definitely needs to be a “spoiler” alert button for me to push. Just so you know, Wednesdays we’re going to interview the dude that got bodybagged, so I’d recommend avoiding the site until after you see the episode!

  2. As Greg said, it wasn’t a matter of not visiting the site, the eliminated contestant’s name was right there in the headline in the RSS feed. If you would be so kind as to keep the eliminated contestant’s name out of the headline for the post, that would go a long way toward alleviating the issue, as just glancing at the feed won’t spoil the episode. Thanks!

  3. Ed has a much more mature and thoughtful response to the issue i had as well. The RSS Feed with name gave it away. I’m sorry that i was a jerk about it.

    1. No worries; the issue is that we want to advertise the show in such a way that we get good search hits for it as well. It’s a delicate line between “google” and “spoilers”.

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