Crimson Trace Master Series LaserGrips

One of the cool products at SHOT was Crimson Trace’s new Master Series LaserGrips for 1911 pistols.  The Master Series provide the function of the standard laser grip, but with a high quality visual appeal for owners of high-end 1911s.  Here’s a photo snapped with an iPhone 4 from the S&W/CTC media event back at SHOT.

Crimson Trace Master Series

The Master Series grips incorporate materials like G10 or actual wood to create the first laser grip that’s functional and very aesthetically pleasing.  Here’s an excerpt from the press release on how the grips are made:

The Master Series starts with two solid stock blanks which are then CNC machined to tolerances of 0.002” to form the grip profile and texture. Skilled technicians carefully set the laser sighting module and instinctive activation switch package into the grips by hand and the entire package can then be easily installed by the end user. Simply remove the original grip screws, pull off the old grips and snap on the Master Series replacements.

Through the use of an ultra-compact diode module and inspired design, the Master Series is compatible with any ambidextrous safety on the market and features a new master on/off switch. This combination means that popular bobtail versions of the government and commander size pistols now also have Lasergrip option, allowing this easily-carried defensive handgun to benefit fully from the advantages of laser sights.

The Master Series LaserGrips should be available in early May, with an expected MSRP of $360.

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  1. “the Master Series is compatible with any ambidextrous safety on the market”


    With my luck, they’ll get rid of the NRA instructor discount on their laser grips by then.

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