1. Of that list the Rhino is the one I’m the most interested in. I just wish something could be done about the trigger.

  2. My vote goes to one not on the list. S&W M&P .22 LR pistol. BTW it is now on the S&W website.

  3. The Kimber Solo. A nice little concealed carry bit of goodness. I will be picking mine up soon.

  4. Browning’s baby 1911 gets my vote. Of all the companies doing something to celebrate the 1911, only Browning did something really unique.

    1. I agree with that. I actually really enjoyed shooting the Gen4 G23 and the Gen4 G34 that they had out at media day. I really like .40s though, so those guns were quite interesting to me.

      But to the general public, another flat black people popper isn’t nearly as cool as some weird revolver shotgun thing or a ridiculous compact 9mm that no one will actually shoot.

  5. I suppose I’d vote for the Rhino, but I’m still bemoaning the lack of a nice thin, flat polymer .45 using 1911 mags. There’s an untapped market share going begging here.

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