SHOT Show Spotlight: FN’s Less Lethal Systems

At SHOT I had a chance to take a close look at FN’s Less Lethal line.  Although not a practical line for the average consumer to purchase the products have a definite “cool” factor.

The FN 303 Launcher, calibered in .68, comes in both a stand-alone system and an undercarriage mount.  The stand-alone launcher weighs just 8 pounds with a fully charged air bottle and can hold up to 15 projectiles in a mag.  The undercarriage mount for the M16 with the same magazine capacity weighs just 7oz.  The stand-alone 303 launcher is displayed here.

The FN 303P is a six-shot capacity less lethal pistol.  The FN 303P is actually a Tiberius Arms Tac-8.1 branded by FN, they had both on display at SHOT but the Tiberius had the awesome blue slide.

The different projectiles FN has available are pretty interesting as well.  Their two paint capsules: indelible paint and washable paint are designed for training and so that people involved in the situation law enforcement officials might be mitigating are marked for later questioning or arresting or whatever it is that law enforcement officials do with cheerfully painted people.  Then there’s the PAVA capsule, this is designed to bug just one person.  Apparently, PAVA is worth than CS, which means I am now wonder when my coworkers will decide I should test this projectile to compare to the CS grenade they sprang on me.   They then have their clear impact projectile, which as far as I can tell just hits someone, and their inert powder projectile, which as far as I can tell has fake PAVA in it for training purposes.


  1. The 303 is fun, we had them in our towers in Afghanistan. The Tootsie Rolls in MREs can be molded into a pretty good copy of the projectile…

  2. My department scored a 303 with an EOTECH sight with a government grant a few years ago. It is deadly accurate however it leaves permanent welts on people. Those PAVA pellets have powdered lead in the base and hit very very hard. Ammo is expensive as hell too.

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