Shot Show Day Zero Round-Up

The first (or zeroth) day of SHOT has come and gone, and lots of cool guns have been shot and photographed. Obviously, the big news of the day was the new Smith & Wesson Governor. I did actually have the chance to shoot the gun with both .410 rounds and .45 ACP rounds. While 6 rounds of .45 and 12 of .410 shotshells isn’t enough to really evaluate a gun, I can say that I definitely liked it a lot more than every Taurus Judge I’ve ever fired. It does have a better trigger than the Judge, it’s lighter, thus easier to carry, it will shoot .45 ACP, and holds 6 rounds to the 5 in the Judge. I’m really shocked that S&W made this gun, but I think it will sell like crazy because this gun is what the Judge should have been when it first came out. At 28 ounces you could actually carry this into snake country. Will I be running out to buy one? Probably not. However, now when someone asks me what I think about the Judge, I can at least steer them to a S&W if they’re really set on a .410 handgun.

Walther's new PPQ

One of the neater guns from S&W was actually from Walther, their new PPQ. The PPQ is Walther’s next generation entry in the practical pistol line. It’s a nice little 9mm, and it’s styled similarly to the HK P30. It has a great trigger, which according to the Smith and Walther rep comes in at around 5 lbs. The gun itself is another flat black people popper with interchangeable backstraps, but the trigger is pretty sweet. Walther has also updated their P22 to look like the new PPQ.

We did more shooting at the second media event, hitting up offerings from Colt, Glock, Blaser Rifles, the KRISS Vector and pistols from Sphinx. The Sphinx pistols are pretty neat – it’s what a CZ-75 wants to be when it grows up. KRISS is going to be importing the Sphinx line to the US, and they should be available starting in March or April of this year. I ran the “Standard Model” in .45 ACP, which is designed for the IPSC Standard division, similar to USPSA Limited. This gun was very nice to shoot.

Media day at SHOT 2011 went very well. Lots of new products and lots of guns are coming out, and we’re happy to bring them to you live! Remember to keep checking the following pages for regular updates and we’ll see you at SHOT!


      1. I found a few pictures of it, it does look like a further evolution of the Radom P99.

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