Fun 2010 Shooting Stats

I log all the rounds I fire in competition and training, and I wanted to share some of those stats with you guys.  Here are the fun pulls from my spreadsheet:

  • Total centerfire rounds fired: 12,893
  • Gun used most often: Ruger SR9c 3898 (30% of total)
  • Total malfunctions, all platforms: 27
  • % failure rate, all platforms:  0.2%
  • Rounds through DA revolvers: 3852 (30% of total)
  • Rounds through semi-auto pistols: 7679 (59.5% of total)
  • Rounds through other: 1362 (10.5% of total)
  • Rounds fired through Ruger Firearms, all platforms: 6589
  • Total malfunctions, all Rugers: 12
  • % failure rate, all Rugers: 0.18%
  • Brand of ammo used most frequently: BVAC 3127 rounds

On the Ruger failure rate, it’s also worth noting that 7 of those failures were with the SR-556 after I first received it, and hadn’t yet adjusted the gas system.  Since I adjusted the gas system for the ammo I’m using, it has run like a top for an additional 700-ish rounds.  I even used it as a loaner gun for an IDPA DMG stage, and it was flawless.

The reason I like to publish this data is to give you guys exactly that – data.  There is so much conjecture and bad information floating around on the internet that I believe it’s important to look at hard numbers in the thousands of rounds to help create a better picture of reliability in firearms.  It’s also useful for me, because I can go back and see how effective my practice and training was in the last year.  While it may seem kind of wild and unfocused, my training in the latter half of 2010 was much better than it had been in previous years, allowing me to punch through a wall I’d been hitting and achieve some shooting goals I had set.  Additionally it helps me set additional goals for 2011.

2010 Accomplishments

  • Made IDPA 5-Gun Master
  • Shot my first USPSA Area championship match and didn’t finish last
  • Shot a practical rifle match and finished in the Top 5

Unfortunately, time and my crazy schedule in 2010 prevented me from doing as much shooting as I would have liked.  I missed Bianchi Cup in 2010, which really bummed me out.  However, I’m back at the Cup and really excited about it.  With that in mind, here are my 2011 goals:

  • Don’t finish dead last at the Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Championship
  • Shoot a 1750 or better at Bianchi Cup in Production Division
  • Win a major match in ESR and SSR
  • Finish in the top 15 at the ICORE Nationals in Retro division
  • Get an “A” or better USPSA Revolver classification
  • Shoot the FAST Drill in less than 5 seconds using a revolver

All of those are goals I can hit – the 1750 at Bianchi Cup is the one I’m focused most on right now.  In the two years since I shot a 1500-something, my shooting has improved tremendously, and I think with some hard practice in between now and May I’ll be able to get to that goal.  I think the hardest goal on that list is going to be a sub 5 second run on the FAST Drill with a revolver.  To hit that goal comfortable, I need to be able to hit a 3×5 index card with two rounds in less than 1.75 seconds, reload and fire again in around 2 seconds, and then get my last three shots off with no more than a 0.3 second split between them.  From concealment.  Definitely not going to be easy, but the drills I have set up to practice for this will benefit all the other shooting I do as well.

So stay with us here at Gun Nuts in 2011 as we go for a fun ride of shooting!


  1. Did you shoot the .38 spl BVAC or all 9mm? The semi-auto stuff seems to get great reviews on ctd, but the revolver stuff not so much.

  2. “Shot my first USPSA Area championship match and didn’t finish last”

    This will be my goal for 2011 Caleb — Single Stack Nationals — eek!!

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