Fricken’ laser beams

Ever wonder what a gun would look like if it had every laser aiming device on the market affixed to it?

Wonder no more.

The link does have some good information on it though – as I had suspected, the Crimson Trace is the fastest to activate and shoot with, and beats the LaserMax and the LaserLyte quite handily.


  1. I really want to see a picture of the target with all 4 lasers on. As someone else on that websiite said it brings to mind the Predator 3 laser aiming device.

    I wonder how much that test would have changed in low light. At least in regards to the handgun sights being the quickest.

  2. i have a s&w 1911 with the crimson trace lazer sights and i think there the best thing going.i am right on target all the time get a set for your handgun you will be very plassed with them .

  3. crimson trace lazer sights are the best thing going i have a set on my s&w 1911. you nwon regreat it get a set for your gun. you will be very pleased. with crimson trace lazer sights.

    1. Whole quote:
      “Surprisingly, the standard sights averaged out to be the fastest. I believe this was due to the close range to the target (You really did not need sights at all.) and that only one of the shooters was intimately familiar with handgun lasers. This also shows that if you are going to have a laser on your handgun, you need to practice with it.”

      1. The point still remains that “Surprisingly, the standard sights averaged out to be the fastest.”

        Whatever he believes is for whatever reasons he cares to mention…

        Notice I did not knock lasers, the gun, the ability of the shooter, etc. Just that it was interesting that plain-old sights still work.

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