1. I can just imagine the look on my school admins face when I tell them “Can I have off for three months of the school year so I can fly to LA and be in a reality show?”

  2. “What happened to season #2?”

    Hehe, you beat me to that question!

    I’m almost 50 and about 350 lbs, and disabled, I’d be good to go for the shooting part, it’s the physical part where I’d be in deep Do-Do!

  3. So, am I going to be the first to point out how annoying it is that they used an image of a loaded cartridge flying through the target in their publicity graphics? This offends me both as a shooter *and* as a graphic designer.

    Anyway, despite the design fail, I would apply, but I don’t shoot that well and I’d be really boring to watch on TV.

    1. I’m really, *really* amazed that they haven’t fixed that after probably every single contestant on the show has pointed it out to them.

  4. As compelling as I’d be to watch on television I’m just not that good of a shot yet and the idea of spending a month without having television, internet, or a cell phone terrifies me greatly.

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