USPSA World Shoot Teams announced

USPSA has announced which shooters will represent the United States and USPSA at the next World Shoot.  They are in the following divisions:

JJ Racazza
Max Michel
KC Eusebio
Chris Tilley

Travis Tomasie
Manny Bragg
Blake Miguez
Taran Butler

Robert Vogel
Matthew Mink
Ben Stoger
Phil Strader

Ben Thomson
Nicholas Neel
Ben Manning
Shane Coley

Rebecca Jones
Megan Francisco
Athena Lee
Kay Miculek

Standard being analogous to our Limited Division.  Congratulations to all the shooters who will be representing us, and best of luck at the next IPSC World Shoot!

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  1. Anyone else note the discrimination there?

    Why do women get their own division? is there a ‘Mens’ Division?

    Shooting should be a fairly even competition as far as the sexes go, why separate the ladies?

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