IDPA Postal Match

Plus one stage.  I shot the IDPA postal match at Renton Fish and Game this past weekend.  They had an additional stage set in the match to round out the stage count.  This was the first match I shot with my 625 since the USPSA Area 5 Championship, and I’ve recently started trying something new with my reloads.

As you can see, my reloads were kind of spotty. While I was getting the rounds in to the cylinder, I had problems with basically everything else. I need to work on the movement to the moonclip holder as well as once the rounds are in the gun I should be closing the cylinder and moving it towards to the target at the same time. My actual shooting went very well, though. The one stage that had no reload (Stage 1) I shot in 4.60 seconds and was down 1 point for a total time of 5.10. That was a stage win overall – not just the revo shooters but all the semi-auto guys at the match. In part this is because I’ve been spending a lot of time on 20-25 yard targets in light prep for Bianchi Cup.

Watching film is a great way to find weakness in your performance. I’m really happy with my press out, not so happy with my movement, and my reloads are totally junk, but all of that is stuff I can work on!


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