1. HK makes probably the most durable, most out of the box accurate polymer pistol on the market. I just can’t run their triggers as well as I can a striker fired gun. A striker fired P30, though….that might change everything.

  2. I own 6 autoloaders, because I love owning guns as much as I love shooting them!

    1 Beretta Px4 (.40, full sized)
    2 Glocks (19 and 22)
    1 Springfield XD (sub compact 9)
    1 Smith and Wesson M&P 9 (full sized)
    and 1 HK USP (.45 tactical)

    I never would have bought the HK, except I found it NIB for $750 w/ correctly sized nightsights. I thought it was a hell of a deal.

    After shooting it I can honestly say that if I wanted to buy another gun I’d buy another HK tomorrow for close to retail, and probably never feel like I made a bad choice.

  3. The HK45 is a step up from the USP45 that folks had been complaining about. Far more easier to handle with shooters with smaller hands than the USP.

    The USP just never felt “right”.

    But, I am a S&W M&P fan … “I trust my junk”.

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