Class on trusts

I spoke earlier this week about the benefits of setting up a firearms trust.  If any of you here in the northwest are interested in setting up a legitimate trust and learning more about them Dennis Brislawn will be holding a class at West Coast Armory on Wednesday, December 29th.  You can find out more at West Coast Armory’s blog or Facebook page or just shoot me an email.


  1. Are the laws concerning this Federal, or state specific laws?
    As I live in PA not WA, so does this apply at all to me or just you folks lucky enuf to be living in WA?

    1. The post on trusts I wrote earlier was discussing the laws and benefits of trusts at a federal level, I am addressing people in WA in this post because that’s where this class is. A trust is just as good of a thing to have in PA.

  2. Thanks Shelley! Your last post on this kicked me hard enough in the pants to get me off my butt and contact an attorney to get something moving for me.

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