Ramping up for SHOT

Gun Nuts will be at SHOT this year!  We’ll be attending the 2011 SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas, so starting now I want to know what you guys want to see.  We’ll be doing Media Day the day before the show opens, we’ll likely hit up the Glock press conference, but I want to know what you guys would like to see.  Let me know your SHOT SHOW requests in the comments!


  1. Kel-tec, Kel-Tec, and more Kel-Tec, we don’t see enough in the media about this Company, positive I mean!

  2. I’d love to get a first hand report of the upcoming M&P-22 pistol… how similar it is in size and feel to a centerfire M&P, materials used in manufacture, etc.

  3. I’d love to find out if Glock is addressing the issues people are having with the Gen 4 models.

  4. I’m a Ruger guy (with other guns in the mix), so I’d really like to know the scoop on what Ruger has coming out. Hoping for that SR-556 Predator they took a survey on a while back -or- an SR9 or SR40 long-slide.

    I’m also re-evaluating my carry ammo right now, so if there’s anything new worth looking at, let us know.

    Dann in Ohio

  5. I’d actually like to see you hit the 1911 aisles. I’d like to see the most/least expensive 1911’s as well as the most unusual modifications available.

    1. You could make a list of the 3 companies at the SHOT show who ARE NOT offering 1911’s.

      1. 1: Realtree
        2: Mossy Oak
        3: Skyline

        Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if half or more of the actual manufacturers have 1911’s with at least one camo pattern.

  6. Glock may have one of the more exciting announcements this year with a new ar style carbine they’ve been working on. That’s the one I’m going to be watching for anyway.

  7. “I want to know what you guys would like to see.”

    I assume that’s an ‘other than booth babes’ question?

    1911 isle please. Anything new and exciting for 1911 lovers?
    New IWB/concealment holster options for those of us who carry full size 1911s.

  8. Hey i’m an avid reader and i know you aren’t the guy for this but damn eyeball the reloading booths i think sometimes i shoot just to handload.

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