1. That is the new Crimson Trace LaserGuard, the LG-645. In my opinion, this is the best laser option for the HK45c, and it also seems that US SOCOM would agree with me as they’ve selected this laser module for their HK45c guns as well.

  2. Wouldn’t the right laser for an HK be one of the ones that can actually set things on fire?

  3. Why is the Crimson Trace laser guard better than one of the lasers that attaches to the rail?

    1. In my personal opinion, the Laser Guard is a superior product. It’s more durable, and the form factor is much better. The rail attachment lasers tend to be heavy and clumsy, while the CT laser doesn’t significantly increase the muzzle weight of the gun.

      1. It seems so strange to be so close to the rail and not use it as an attachment point. If not the sole means of attachment in this case it serve as an extra point even if it is unnecessary in this case it would clean the lines up a little.

        1. I wondered the same thing, and while the aesthetics of the gun and laser leave something to be desired, it’s not like the HK45c was exactly pretty to begin with.

          1. I think you meant the “aesthetics” of the gun. Fanboys are asthmatic, not guns. 😉

            Either way, it does look like a bit of a kluge.

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