Crimson Trace announces laser for Sig P238

From the Crimson Trace press release:

Consultation with our customers lead directly to the latest offering from Crimson Trace® – the LG-492 Laserguard for SIG’s compact 238.

The Laserguard platform is particularly effective on compact pistols such as the SIG .380. As the gun’s sight radius is reduced, it becomes much more difficult to align conventional sights effectively, particularly under high stress or low light. With a Laserguard, sight radius becomes irrelevant.

The LG-492 provides a sleek, integrated sighting system, using our patented instinctive activation system.  As with all other Crimson Trace products, the LG-492 is proudly designed, engineered and made in the USA.

This seems like something that will sell.  We’ll have a review of the LG-492 coming up here at Gun Nuts, I’m going to run a few rounds this weekend through a gun equipped with them, and we’ll be getting a unit for T&E once they hit production.  This should be pretty cool!

Also, for my SR9c comrades out there – Blade-Tech through Crimson Trace is now offering their excellent belt holster for SR9c pistols equipped with the LaserGuard module.  I’m putting my order in today for one of those.


  1. any word on whether or not they will attempt a grip laser for the p238??? i would be greatly more impressed with one of those over the clamp over the trigger guard type…

  2. I’ve got the eotechs on a couple AR’s but have never used a laser on any of the handguns.

    What would be a good one for the XD series?

  3. Seems that they’ve been selling this for about 5 months. My GF has one that she bought 4+ months ago. It doesn’t say CT on the laser, but rather “sig”.

    But it is a nice setup. I’d prefer a grip mounted one, but these work.

    Perhaps the CT product is different?

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