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I have a new article up at Shooting Illustrated.Com, this time on selecting a polymer pistol for competition.  I have actually run that gamut of polymer pistols, my first competition tupperware was a Glock 24 which was awesome but not legal for IDPA.  My next plastic was a Springfield XD Tactical in .40, followed by an XDM in 9mm. This year I’ve shot over 5,000 rounds through Ruger’s SR9c platform and another 1500+ through the SR40, and I’m up to 529 rounds through S&W M&P Pro Series in .40. I’m not sure how it happened, but for a guy that established his competition reputation on a foundation of revolvers, I sure have shot a lot of combat tupperware.


  1. Freiheit-the barrel makes it too long to fit in The Box.

    Caleb-Is there any particular reason you didn’t go to the 34 or 35, or did it just not happen that way?

    1. Haji is correct, the barrel is too long for IDPA. I started with the 24 because I got a screamin’ good deal on a used one, then I realized I couldn’t play IDPA with it, so I got a similar good deal on the XD.

  2. What was the factor in changing of guns? I understand if one doesn’t meet the rules, but what has led to the various guns? I am all for owning different guns, but I would think that if one works well, why change? I am looking a getting a 9mm and was wondering why you changed.

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