What is the world coming to?

THEN, after practice he tells the kids (10 to 12 year olds playing in a recreation league the parents pay for) they would have to choose between basketball and deer hunting.

I’m not a hunter, which is something to bear in mind as I write this, but at the same time I have a deep respect for the American Hunting Tradition. When I lived in Indiana, the first day of deer season was a big deal for a lot of local families, with kids taking the day off from school in many cases to hunt with their fathers. I’m certain that it’s the same in many other states, especially West Virginia where Richard is from – to say to kids playing in a rec league that they have to choose between basketball and hunting with their fathers is culturally insensitive and borderline stupid.

We’re taught now to respect people’s traditions and cultural values – but I guess for some people a practice that predates the existence of our nation isn’t a cultural value that’s worthy of respect, and that’s just too bad. This is why even though I’m not a hunter I support NRA, NSSF, and other organization’s efforts to continue the hunting tradition. Even as the number of hunting licenses decreases in the country as we get more urbanized, I believe that the outdoor experience and the familial bonding activity of hunting is tremendously valuable and something that’s worth preserving.


  1. Opening day of firearms season is a semi-religious holiday in Minnesnowta, or at least it used to be. Down here in the Twin Shitties it’s not nearly as sacrosanct as it is outside the metro area. Anywhere outside a 50-mile radius of Mpls/St. Paul, you can expect scanty attendence to not just schools, but also workplaces and anything else.

    Any coach who said something like that in the out-state area would be facing a completely empty practice the next day.

  2. Ever noticed that its only the ‘ Animal Haters ‘ that are against hunting in any form ?
    People that love animals and have actually took the time to understand animals and Nature and are intellectual enough to act on what they have learned support hunting for the well being of the Animals.
    Much unlike the knee jerk from the heart reaction of uneducated anti-hunters that couldn’t tell you the difference of a housecat from a water buffalo and have no idea what conservation is or that all hunters and fishermen support All Wildlife which is something that can not be said for the HSUS.

  3. Growing up in PA, most schools are closed on the first day of deer season. Our wrestling team went up to the mountains for practice for 5 days mostly to keep us from eating over the Thanksgiving holiday.

    I remember two brothers packing their deer rifles so the could hunt before practice on opening day.

    The coaches were fine with it back in the day.

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