Speaking of .40s

Look what followed me home:












I finally had the chance to shoot the SR40, if for just a few rounds yesterday to get an initial impression.  The ammo used was BVAC .40 S&W 180 JHP which is listed at about 960 FPS.  That would put it at about a 172 powerfactor, perfect for USPSA competition which is part of where I plan on using the SR40.  Recoil was mild – I honestly forgot I was shooting a .40 for a little bit when I was running high-speed drills.

Today I’m heading off to Insights Training Center in Bellevue to take their Intensive Handgun Skills course.  This is a 2000 round 3-day course, and I’ll be running the Ruger SR40 through the entire weekend to get a real feel for how it handles an intense shooting schedule.


    1. No, my trigger is fine. I’ve only fired 35 rounds though and dry fired it about 200 times, but I’m about to run it through a 2000 round class.

      As far as TTAG’s SR40 goes, I’m not really sure what the issue is. Without putting the gun in my hands and physically shooting it, it’s hard to diagnose trigger issues.

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