10 Coolest Movie Guns

As organized by American Rifleman.  You could easily do hundreds of these lists, as the presence of firearms in American (and foreign) cinema has long been a dramatic staple.  My favorite movie gun?  Russell Crowe’s Colt Single Action Army in 3:10 to Yuma, the “Hand of God”.  With black grips and a crucifix inlaid in gold on the stocks, it was just too cool.


  1. I think lists like this are made so people can complain and draw attention to the host site.
    So let me.
    The PPK .32 wielded by an anti-gunner made the list, along with a period-incorrect shotgun with a dubious suppressor. Great. Meanwhile, the Quigley Sharps used by NRA hero Tom Selleck missed the boat, along with one of my favorites, the AutoMag?

    How many movies have 1911s been in? A couple hundred thousand?

  2. John Wayne’s Winchester ’92 is accompanied by one of film’s greatest lines:
    “Fill your hands you son of a bitch!”

    Agree that the Quigley Sharps should replace any number of entries as could:
    M1919 from The Wild Bunch
    Winchester ’73 from the eponymous film.
    ’03 Springfield in the hands of Sgt. York. (M1917 fans take your argument outside. We’re talking films, not history.)

  3. Have to agree, with the guys above, a list as weak as the organization the rag/site represents..and come on, they don’t know Clint went by Manco in the Sergio Leone flicks?…

  4. In For a Few Dollars More people call him “Manco”, which is Spanish for “one-armed”, because he does everything left handed while always keeping his right hand beneath his serrape on his gun. Watch the bar scene again, where he smacks the guy around just with his left.

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