Gun Nuts is growing!

I’m really excited to put the following announcement on the blog, because it means more of the great content you’ve come to expect from us here at Gun Nuts.  As many of you know, I’ve been working on the 2010 mid-term election, which now that they’re over I’m able to drop the first of several big announcements.  Obviously, now that the election is over I’ve mentioned that Gun Nuts Radio will be returning, and you’re also going to see The Quest for Master Class pick up the pace in updates.

Part of what’s making that possible is our joint cooperation with Norpoint Shooting and Tactical Training Center in Arlington, Washington.  Norpoint has a great facility about 40 minutes north of Seattle, with 18 indoor shooting lanes that will handle most pistols, rifles, and even shotguns.  Gun Nuts will be using Norpoint as well to film video content for the Quest for Master Class and other upcoming projects.  Gun Nuts will also be working with Norpoint on expanding their IDPA program and growing the vibrant (and unique) Indoor IDPA community here in Washington State.

I am personally excited to be working with Norpoint, and am looking forward to the development and growth that this will assist in bringing about here on Gun Nuts.