Sig 556 in 7.62×39

Details at the Firearm Blog on Sig’s upgrade to the 556 platform.  Honestly, I’d buy one of those instead of an AK.  Say for the moment that I really wanted a .30 caliber bullet to push, the Sig 556 has much better ergonomics than a standard AK, as it places the safety and magazine release in locations that can actually be reached by human hands.


  1. Except the MSRP on a Sig556 is over $2000.

    The best AKs on the market are about $1000 which still leaves $1000 for new furniture, ammo, and training. For an adequate AK you’re around $500-600 which means you can buy two AND have money for ammo AND have money for training.

    I’ve seen and fondled the Sig556 and its a nice gun, but for what it is and what it does I just can’t see spending the money. A functionally equivalent AR or AK can be had for a lot less.

    1. Not to mention mags..can’t use normal AK mags with that thing. So not only is the rifle $’re looking at like probably $30-50 per mag.

  2. My money would go to a decent ak. You are right the ergo isn’t great, but they aren’t unusable. You can get safety levers and enhanced mag releases that make them as easy to run as a fal. I’m huge ak fan though… so what do I know.

  3. I have an enhanced safety (Blackjack S.W.I.F.T) lever on my AK, and it makes it just as easy to manipulate as any other safety.

    I’ll give you the mag release though. Even the mag, uh, lever things which allow you to press the catch with your trigger finger still don’t change the fact that the mag has to be knocked free somehow.

  4. AKs are HOW MUCH??????

    Glad I bought mine about 15 years ago, and I thought $180 was expensive for an AK…….

    Guess my $100 SKS has gone up too?

  5. Interesting proposition by Sig. I am not sure that I am a huge fan of the 7.62×39. I think I am going to take a closer look at the new 300 AAC Blackout Caliber… Looks promising.

  6. @ Zermoid
    Low end price for an AK seems to be around $400-450 or so for the runt of the litter, the WASR-10. I’ve seen them priced higher in gun shops, residual effects from the buying binge that started in 08 I suppose. Four hundred and some change will get you in to something resembling a Kalashnikov.
    Dirt cheap prices for the SKS seem to be history as well. Best price I’ve seen lately, and I haven’t looked that much because Ialready have one so take it FWIW, is around $300. The local gun shop in my neighborhood that used to have forty plus surplus Yugo’s on the racks for sale at well under $200, well those were cleaned out well before Dear Leader took office.

  7. I’ve seen other $450 AK’ a polish Tantal..hell..even a Bulgarian AK.
    These were all 74’s, but still.

  8. Settle down kids. The $1000 price I threw out for an AK was the absolute highest I could find. I assume its an American made, milled receiver, rails, grips, a fancy sticker, designer labels, etc. etc. I pulled that out to make a point about the Sig in 7.62×39, its way too expensive to compete with an AK. Most AKs are $400-600 depending on the country of origin.

    I think it may still be priced more than an AR with a 7.62×39 upper, just like the Sig556 is.

    Sig makes damn good weapons, but I just don’t see how their long guns can compete in a market saturated with cheaper options.

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