Novak sights for Ruger SR9

In the world of “great news”, I just found out that Novak is offering fixed sights for the Ruger SR9/40 series of pistols.  The Novak Ruger SR9 sights are available directly from Novak, in fact you can ship your slide to Novak and they’ll install the sights for you.  If you’re thinking about using the SR9 or SR40 in competition, switching over to the Novak sights might be just what the doctor ordered for the race ready Ruger.

While the factory adjustable sights on the Ruger SR series of pistols are actually pretty good, for IDPA and competition they could be improved, and adding a blacked out Novak rear might be a step in the right direction.  Improving the sights on a pistol is often the first step towards making a pistol truly suited for competition, and since we’re going to be running the SR40 in lots of different matches, the Novak sights are going to be something we investigate.

Speaking of the SR40, the trial pistols are in.  Assuming I get them in hand before I leave for Gunsite on Sunday, I’ll be able to give you some initial impressions of the gun.  Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait a couple of weeks before you see how it holds up under some heavy round counts.

However, if you’re already and SR9/c owner and you’re looking for different sights for the gun, check out the Novak sights.  I’ve had Novaks on several guns, and they’re excellent sights, I recommend them without hesitation to anyone looking for a solid, durable fixed sight.


  1. Would be nice to have a post and discussion on what makes a sight a good competition sight, a good general target sight and a good self-defense sight.

    One sight does not serve all I presume.

  2. Novak makes great stuff. I’ve had one of their rear sights on my primary 1911 for a long, long time. If I had an SR9/40, I’d probably hold out for somebody like Warren to make a sight set. Novaks tend to have a “tight” sight picture, and I’ve really grown to like the extra space in the notch that Warrens have. The one thing you can’t do easily with Novaks is to rack the slide off the rear sight, which is why so many “combat” sight designs have a shelf built into them. Novaks are a nice upgrade from the stock sights, though.

    1. I do like Warren sights; however right now there are three aftermarket rear sights for the SR series of pistols. Your choice is Meprolight, XS, or Novak if you’re looking to replace the factory 3-dots.

  3. Now if I could just get Novak SR9 sights installed on my SR9L – long slide…


  4. Why, oh why, oh WHY must Novak make the sights with that major cant forward? I never am reholstering and think, “If only this was a little more streamlined to get re-holstered.”

    But every time that I’ve tried to run a failure drill one-handed, I’ve wished that I could rack my pistol with my rear sight.

  5. I put their night sights on my EDC SR9c as soon as they became available. As far as I know, other vendors list the Meprolights as available, but none have actually shipped.

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