Ruger SR-1911

Don’t get too excited, 1911 fanboys.  I’m just postulating a name for a 1911 if Ruger were to make one.  It’s not secret that a lot of trigger time on the SR9c has turned me in to a fan of Ruger firearms, and I’m thinking that now that the Ruger SR40 is out, a 1911 makes perfect sense.  So, put it in the SR series with the SR-556 and SR9/40, make one in .45 ACP, and give it some advanced features.  I guarantee that if it was priced right, it would slaughter Taurus.

Update on 18 April 2011: The new Ruger SR-1911 is here!


  1. Is slaughtering Taurus all that hard to do in the first place?


    And it wasn’t very nice to get my hopes up like that…….
    A Ruger 1911 would be a very good thing!
    I’d love to see a Stainless Ruger 1911, it would have to have a beavertail grip safety, target, 3 dot, and night sight options, checkered frontstrap, extended slide release, and ambidextrous safety.
    An optional double stack mag frame would be good too!

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