That's what I was looking for!

Back in August, I had a chance to shoot the HK45 being used for the Pistol-Training.Com endurance test.  I liked it, although it was a little large for my tiny hands, there was something about the trigger that I just couldn’t put my finger on (ha).  Tam shot the same gun this past weekend a bit, and in one sentence was able to sum up what I was feeling about the trigger:

A (for the lack of a better term) “two-stage” long travel trigger is just not something I have a lot of time with, and so it always feels unusual to me, like my revolver just broke or something.

In the words of Charlie Brown: “THAT’S IT!”  Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the HK45 trigger.  In fact, it’s a really good trigger, and I’d probably recommend it over a Glock 21 (the HK45 has better ergonomics as well), but coming from shooting revolvers for a year it just felt weird.  Now it makes sense, and I finally feel so much better.


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