USPSA L-10 and Open Nationals Results

Here are the final results for the Open/L10 USPSA Nationals that just wrapped up in Las Vegas.


  1. KC Eusebio
  2. JJ Racaza
  3. Chris Tilley
  4. Max Michel
  5. Shane C


  1. Travis Tomasie
  2. Dave Sevigny
  3. Rob Leatham
  4. Blake Miguez
  5. Phil Strader

Open Women

  1. Rebecca J
  2. Jessie Abbate
  3. Megan F

Limited-10 Women

  1. Randi Rogers
  2. Tori Nonaka
  3. Maggie Reese

The Limited/Production/Revolver Nationals are currently underway; obviously Dave Sevigny and Bob Vogel are big favorites to win Production Division, but you know never know what could happen at Nationals.  The margin for error is razor thin, and there’s always someone looking to capitalize on a mistake from one of the favorites.  Ben Stoeger, Phil Strader, or any of the other threatening GMs could easily come away with a big win.

Over in Revolver division, the favorite to win is as always Jerry Miculek, however last year’s defending champion Cliff Walsh might have something to say about that.  Back to back upsets at USPSA Nationals would come as quite a surprise to me, although it’s not like Jerry needs another national title to go with the 32 dozen or so he already has hanging on his wall.

Sadly, I don’t really follow Limited enough to give truly insightful commentary on it.  Like Open division, it’s just sort of “there” for me; however I am rooting for my buddy and Top Shot teammate Blake Miguez to take a home a win.  Other Top Shots at Nationals include Mike Seeklander and Brad “Holywood” Engmann shooting Production division, and JJ Racaza in Open who finished 2nd to Limcat teammate KC Eusebio.  I’ll also definitely be watching a close battle for the Women’s Production title, as Randi Rogers from Team Glock takes on Julie Golob from Team S&W.  That should be fun!

Good luck to everyone shooting Nationals this year!

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  1. Nils Jonasson won Limited. He was wearing an awesome HPR Ammo jersey and ran this new line of ammo as well.

    Impressive, he’s just 20 yrs old and blew away the field.

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