Quest for Master Class – Stage 3 Breakdown

The latest installment in the Quest for Master Class is online at Downrange.TV!  In this week’s episode, I take a look at the bane of most IDPA shooter’s classifier scores: Stage 3.  This stage is often “pass/fail” – not enough people practice shooting at 20+ yards to get really familiar with their competition/carry guns at this range.  Coupled with the fact that IDPA as a rule is trending towards much closer targets at short ranges, this stage is where a lot of otherwise good IDPA shooters will fall apart.  I know for a fact this stage gives me a mess of trouble; that’s actually why I spend a lot of my practice time shooting at 20 yards these days.  The way I see it, if I can get a fast hit at 20 yards, I can get an even faster hit at 7.

Check out this week’s installment of the Quest for Master Class, only on Downrange.TV!

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  1. If you do a tactical reload, not a retention realod, you can actually start to advance sooner on the 2nd string of fire…

    With practice, you can actually shave a second or so off that string.

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