Sensei Jeff on how to get shot in the spine

My favorite TKD black belt is back for more instruction on how to get shot!  In today’s installment, Sensei Jeff explains how to get shot in the spine and/or lungs.  And here is our time index commentary:

  • 0:28 – Generally, people who know what they’re doing don’t get close enough to touch you with their gun.
  • 0:37 – He says “let’s slow that down”, and I was thinking “that first run wasn’t the slo-mo version?”  If you move that glacially when someone has a gun on you, you’re going to get shot.  A bunch.
  • 1:00 – “Be careful not to hurt his elbow”.  WHAT.  If someone has a gun on me, I want to hurt them the worst ways I possibly can.
  • 1:19 – And we’re back to “packing the slide”.  My delicate brain can’t handle this.
  • 1:23 – At least this time he didn’t mention that it might be booby-trapped.

So far, this is the worst gun takeaway video yet.  There are legitimate times that a gun takeaway might be your only option.  The problem is that if you’re using Sensei Jeff’s methods, you’re going to get shot.  Lots.

I would even say that in those situations you’re better off trying to use strikes such as punches, elbows, and knees to disable your attacker in a situation like that, as wrestling for control of a gun is generally a bad idea that only works out well in TV and movies.  Tomorrow we’ll have our last Lesson from Sensei Jeff, on how to get shot then mildly injure your attacker!


  1. Caleb, you should do a video response.

    “How do disarm an attacker with a knife using only a cup of coffee”

    I would honestly like to see how Sensei Jeff would approach the Tueller drill.

  2. “Tomorrow we’ll have our last Lesson from Sensei Jeff, on how to get shot then mildly injure your attacker!”

    Of course, I mean just because he shot you is no reason to injure the guy! Really, what were you thinking?

    And that coffee thing, you’re lucky they didn’t throw you in jail for that, all he wanted to do was carve out your liver and rob you, and you had the nerve to attack the poor soul? You could have gave him a nasty scalding with that!

    (can you smell the sarcasm?)

  3. This horse ain’t dead yet?
    The first one stopped me cold with his basic lack of familiarity with the English language and say… direct objects? “Disarming a pistol” What’s that got to do with his hand to gland stuff? Don’t you disarm the guy WITH the gun?

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