Rhino review

Grant Cunningham, who may know a thing or two about wheelguns is taking a multi-part look at the Chiappa Rhino Revolver. I am deeply skeptical of this revolver, so as an enthusiast of the roundgun I’m eagerly awaiting Grant’s opinion here. He’s obviously squared away when it comes to wheelguns, so what he has to say about the Rhino should carry a lot of weight.

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  1. You should be skeptical.

    It’s poo.

    The one I shot fired one round and then locked up so that no amount of trigger tugging would cause the cylinder to rotate. Call me old fashioned, but I expect a greater service life from my firearms.

    Oh, and the one round I fired was enough to convince me that shooting it with a conventional, thumbs-forward grip falls into the category labeled, ‘very bad ideas’.

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