I owe someone an apology

Namely, the guy that I wrote my gamers vs. cheaters rant about.  As many people are smart enough to figure out, I had a specific person in mind when I wrote that.  In a moment that I’m not proud of I let my temper get away with me and made statements that were intemperate at best, and insulting at worst.  For that, I’m sorry – to the person that was the subject the post, please accept my sincere apologies, and I’ll see you at our next IDPA shoot.  I misjudged both your attitude and your character, and in your handling of this situation you really did carry yourself with class.  I’ll definitely look forward to being your Safety Officer at another match.

There is an object lesson in here – passion is a good thing, especially passion for a sport.  But unchecked passion can get you in trouble, and not having someone to bounce ideas off of before I go on my blog and write stuff is generally a bad idea.  I’d like to apologize to any of our Gun Nuts out there that may have been put off by that post, as it’s beneath the usual quality of writing you’ve come to expect from me here.


  1. As long as there are rules and competition there will be cheater and gamers. This is why, in the past , I have questioned the need for 86 pages of IDPA rules. 86 pages just makes for a gamer’s and cheater’s paradise. I would really like to see targets that shoot back, like the PRISm simulator does. Then you would see people more concerned with speed and hits and not gaming or cheating.

  2. Is there a SWYC/CWYS league? That’s Shoot What You Carry/Carry What You Shoot league…

    You can shoot with what ever you want at the match, but you have to carry it daily for 2 weeks prior and two weeks after each match…

    That’d sort ’em out fast.


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