Deals from Comp-Tac

From our friends at Comp-Tac:

Get a $5 discount when you order a Minotaur MTAC holster and a NEW Minotaur Concealment Pouch together! Equip yourself with our top-of-the-line, ultimate deep concealment duo – Tuckable, Adjustable, and Comfortable – the perfect pair for your concealment needs! Enter code MDUO-1010 in the redeem box when checking out.

My carry holsters? All Comp-Tac. My competition holsters? Also Comp-Tac. I think you sense a trend, don’t you?

Update: I just noticed that the gun in the image is an M&P and the magazine is clearly for a 1911. Not quite total fail, but funny.


  1. Have you tried that IWB mag carrier? I have an MTAC holster and love it. I tried an IWB mag carrier a while back and didn’t like it. If I wanted to try one now, I’ve gotta lose 10lb first or buy new pants and a new belt.

  2. That would have been a great deal *a few months ago when I bought my minotaur*

    I’d love to be able to carry a spare mag like that. I’ve often wondered if carrying magazines in the open constitutes “Open Carry” or not.

  3. I would say not, but it does kind of give away the fact that you are carrying if someone sees a mag on your belt.

    I use a Bianchi double mag pouch, flaps cover the mags making them hidden from view, and they look like 2 sheath knife pouches. Not the best thing to try to reload from but helps hide the fact that I’m carrying.

  4. I was lucky enough to get three of the concealment pouches in the first wave a month or so ago. They are great! No more shoving a spare mag in the back pocket and hoping for the best. They are comfortable and secure.
    I ordered two for my P245 and one for my PM9 and got three that are the same. (I would guess double stack are different, but I have not gotten around to ordering any, yet.)
    Carry a .45 all day and like it with these things. Great stuff.

    1. These are level one retention, which means that there are no mechanical retention devices used other than the fit of the holster. You don’t need a retention device on an IWB holster anyway.

      1. Backin’ this up, since it is something people ask about when they see my holsters.
        I’ve been carrying pistols in CTACs since about 2003 or so. First a USP .45F, then a Beretta 92FS or Walther PPK/S.

        I’ve never ever had one of them fall out or even start to. Walking around, driving, taking courses, etc.

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