Ruger SR40?

Pics of an SR40 being sold on Gunbroker are floating around the internet, most specifically on our friends at The Firearm Blog.  Needless to say, this has my undivided attention, as I really like the SR9c I’ve been shooting in The Quest for Master Class, and I have an serious love affair with the .40 S&W cartridge.  Knowing that there’s an SR40 out there, I immediately fired off an email to our friends at Ruger – I’ll keep you guys posted when I get more details, but look for the SR40 to make an appearance on an upcoming episode of the Quest for Master Class.  It looks like the SR40 will have the same MSRP as the SR9, and based on the limited images available the sights are the same and most holsters for the SR9 will fit the SR40.

I’ve been hoping for an SR40 for a while now; eventually I wanted to make a run at my USPSA GM tag in Limited-10, and with the amount of trigger time I’ve had on the SR9, this is a natural transition.  More details as I get them, and look for the SR40 to be featured here on Gun Nuts soon.


  1. I hope this means they’re going to expand the SR series even further and release a .45 ACP model

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