Doing it wrong

Seriously.  If you as an instructor can’t manage to keep your finger off the trigger, then you really have no business teaching people how to shoot anything.  While lately there’s been some back and forth about the advanced classes, if you’re not to the stage yet where you can perform all the basic manipulations without sticking your finger in the trigger guard then you need more practice.


  1. I have to consider this is really a problem going on in the training world or you would not be talking about it.But I have to tell you I am flabbergasted at this , I might be able to wrap my mind around it if it were some smuck thinking they could pass themself off as a basic pistol instructor but at an advanced class I would expect each and every student call him on it and if it didn’t stop to pack-up their gear and leave before someone became a statistic .
    I have seen some things done on TV by some supposedly big name guru’s that have made me cringe though.
    And its nice to have someone of your stature to keep reminding us all to constantly be aware of what is going on even when we think we are in a safe environment.

  2. Just like the rest of martial arts: everyone want to be tH3 d34dly and fight (“afterall, martial arts are about fighting” or some such bullcrap), no one wants to stand in horse stance for an incense stick, do forms until you puke, or do sword or spear drills until your arms fall off.

    With the Charge of the 300, where every pogue with a berm has a enormous incentive incentive to offer “super advanced ninja skillz” to distinguish themselves from the rest of the market. There will be causalties and I will be angry.

  3. I agree this is a gross issue.

    I gotta say as an instructor even while doing 1×1 instruction, My eyes can’t be everywhere at once.

    Some folks take quite a bit of time to break the trigger problem. I’ve had students I’m drilling it into their head for 15 minutes. Constantly calling finger out of the trigger guard. They seem to finally get it, I turn my back for one fing second, to grab a mag, or ammo, turn around, and bam finger is back on the trigger again. I don’t know if you are an instructor not caleb, regardless it’s certainly fair to call this d-bag out for the hack he is.
    But keep in mind trying to keep your students in-line can be a major effort. I don’t know how some of these jokers who run a 20 person class by themselves can possibly even pretend they are being safe. With newbies it’s always 1×1 instruction, that’s more than a handful for me.

  4. The instructor doing it himself is the worst part. I’ve taught friends a few times, and it always seems like I’m yelling at them every other second to get their finger off the trigger. Thankfully, it’s always still been with the gun pointed downrange when they’re thinking about shooting it, but AD are not joke even then.

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