Monster Hunter Vendetta now available

Monster Hunter Vendetta, the 2nd book in the Owen Pitt series by blogger and generally awesome cat Larry Correia is now available for order on Amazon.  Buy it here!  I’m sure it will also be in bookstores and the like, so if you’re the type of person that prefers your books in the “dead tree” format, you can now finally purchase MHV.

Seriously, it’s a great book.  It’s an improvement from the wildly popular Monster Hunter International, as well.  MHI, the first book was Larry’s first published novel – I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I honestly feel like Monster Hunter Vendetta is an improvement.  The story is tighter, the writing is better, and most importantly the characters are much better fleshed out.  You get a really interesting eye in to the support cast in Monster Hunter Vendetta, and the tease for the next installment at the end of the book is just epic.

So seriously, go buy it.

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