2010 IDPA Nationals Results

The final results are in from IDPA’s 2010 Championship!  Here are the results, with comments on the other side.

  • CDP Champion: Bob Vogel
  • ESP Champion: Taran Butler
  • SSP Champion: Dave Sevigny
  • ESR Champion: Jerry Miculek
  • SSR Champion: Craig “Bones” Buckland
  • High Lady: Julie Golob

This IDPA nationals marks the first time I’ve ever gone 6-for-6 on my picks for the winners, but really they made it easy on me.  I was iffy on SSP because Dave had some serious competition in the form of Phil Strader and Mike Seeklander, and I was also iffy on the women’s pick because Randi Rogers could have easily given Julie a run for her money.

General commentary – Bob Vogel has now won an IDPA National Championship in all three of IDPA’s semi-auto divisions.  Dear Bob – please don’t start shooting revolvers.  We have enough to worry about there with Jerry and Craig.  In all seriousness however, congratulations to Bob, that’s a hell of a thing to pull off and he did it in very convincing fashion.  I have also noticed for lack of a better word a resurgence in IDPA – I can distinctly recall a time frame where a lot of the top guns didn’t get out and shoot Nationals, but the addition of the Indoor Nationals in Feb and the move to Tulsa seems to have really energized the match – when you see Taran, Dave, Phil, Julie, Randi, Bob, Jerry, etc at the IDPA Nationals you know it’s a big deal.

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed about IDPA is their recognition of class and division winners.  From Master to Marksman, if you win your class/division in IDPA, you get a trophy/plaque to commemorate your hard work.  I think that’s cool, because it means that those shooters don’t have to worry about beating the Dave Sevigny’s out there, and can focus on shooting their game and trying to kick around everyone else in ESP-Sharpshooter for example.

Again, huge congratulations to all the winners, the National Champions, and the class and division winners at the 2010 IDPA National Championships!  I hope everyone had a great match and hope that our sport continues to grow!


    1. Thanks for coming by Craig – I’m working on plans to shoot the S&W Indoor Nats in 2011, by then I should have a shiny new CDP-Master card so I can really get my ass handed to me!

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