Hug my holster

I started to write a post on how to deal with the “problem” of people hugging you and accidentally bumping your holster.

I realized after approximately 300 words that it was the stupidest thing I’ve ever written.  Here’s my new post on the subject: stop worrying about it.  If someone hugs you and bumps your rig and asks about it, just tell them “that’s my holster for my defensive firearm, I am licensed by the state to carry a firearm for personal protection”.  If they flip out, they weren’t dating material anyway.

Apparently, Monday is a “slow content” day.


  1. My kids always hug me and are at that level so that their heads or shoulders are leaning against it. They’re used to it, and don’t think it’s weird at all.

    However, don’t give up on someone who might not like the idea at first. Those are the people we should be targeting, not running away from because they find guns icky.

  2. Caleb, I pastor a church and I am a “hugger.” People hug me all the time, and even when they feel it 99% of people think it is a cell phone or something. Of the rest, most don’t ask. So it’s a .01% chance of someone asking you what it is, and for those I think your answer is great.

  3. If someone’s hugging me hard enough to feel a holstered firearm*, they’d better be a close enough friend that they won’t care what’s on or under my belt.

    *except I don’t have one to carry 🙁

  4. To paraphese George Jones:

    “You’re trying to reshape me in a mold love
    In the image of someone you used to know
    But I won’t be a standing for an old love
    Take me as I”m armed or let me go”

  5. “If they flip out, they weren’t dating material anyway.”

    BUT, if she bumps your gun and asks to show you hers…. let’s just hope she’s not packing more than you…

  6. “…they weren’t dating material anyway.”
    Love that line 🙂

    Ayoob dedicates a few sentences to the subject in one of his later books… offering advice on the low-arm hug thing. It makes sense on paper but it feels like a “come here, sonny and give your gramma a kiss” hug… my apologies to any gramma’s in here, but it didn’t feel quite right.

  7. I also remember reading about a guy (can’t remember where) who used Hoppes #9 behind his ears on first dates, if they recognized it they were worth dating!

  8. Caleb,

    On a side note, I’ve always said that the secret to happiness is to marry a woman who loves guns as much as you do…

    Our gun dealer is our marriage counselor, resolving marital issues like, “Why should she get a Kimber Pro Carry II, she just got a new gun last month? I’ve been waiting on that new pair of Ruger Vaqueros for a year or more.”

    Dann in Ohio

  9. If you’re feeling quirky, you could explain that you have the government’s permission to exercise that right. Watch closely for reaction.

  10. I have perfected the one-armed-side-hug on the left side so that I keep my strong hand free, don’t trap the gun in an inaccessible location, and avoid any unwanted questions.

    I’m not a big hugger, but my wife’s extended family is. So, I have to endure.

  11. you really have two options to avoid the awkward gun moment :
    1. go high with your non-drawing hand and low with the drawing hand, this forces them to go around your shoulder away from the rig (unless they are those creepy deep huggers that want to wrap you up completely)
    2. tell ’em it’s a colostomy bag and they should be careful or it might leak

  12. Zermoid..I dunno about you but I don’t want to leave nitro solvent hanging out behind my ears.

  13. I was at a funeral recently and this very thing came up. I had to hug just about everyone there. I didn’t want to draw attention away from the moment so I handled it by keeping my arms low so everyone else had to go high… It was a bit awkward, being taller but it worked and no hug busters. I went IWB 1911 that day for the slimness and it worked out OK.

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