USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals Results

As mentioned below, Jerry Miculek won Open Division, here are your winners from all divisions at the USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals.

  • Heavy Metal Tactical: Adam Popplewell
  • Limited: Kurt Miller
  • Open: Jerry Miculek
  • Open Woman: Maggie Reese
  • Tactical: Daniel Horner
  • Tactical Woman: Tasha Hanish

As usual, Tactical and Open had the largest number of competitors.  Limited Division and HM Tactical had relatively small fields, which is likely due that the bar for entry in Tactical is relatively low – lots of people have an AR with an optic, and that’s what you need for Tactical division.

Congratulations to all the shooters, and especially to the winners of this year’s USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals!

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  1. Jerry Miculek is absolutely amazing and as with other truly greats you can see that this man really enjoys his work . I am in awe when I get to see him perform .

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