Ammo specials

Once again from our friends at Lucky Gunner, today we’re looking at Military Ballistics Industries re-manufactured ammo.  I shot several thousands rounds of their .45 ACP ammo my 625 last year, and it was very soft shooting and very accurate.  If you’re hurting for practice ammo, they have what you need.

124 grain 9mm FMJ  ammo, $200 for 1000 rounds.

147 grain FMJ 9mm ammo, $25 for 100 rounds – but if you buy 10 packs of 100 to get 1000 rounds the price drops to $23 per pack.

180 grain .40 S&W FMJ, $250 for 1000 rounds.  I have no personal experience with these reloads, however based on my use of other products from MBI, I have no qualms recommending them as practice ammo.

230 grain .45 ACP FMJ, $365 for 1000 rounds.  These I’ve personally shot a couple thousand through my S&W 625, again no issues or problems to report with one possible note – if you plan on running these in a wheelgun, the carbon fouling was a little excessive and I had to clean the cylinder more often than I would using factory ammo to guarantee smooth reloading.

.38 Special 125 grain FMJ, $278 for 1000 rounds.  If you’re like me, you like to practice with the same bullet weight that you use in your carry guns, and all my .38s are loaded with 125 grain +P JHP.  The MBI 125 grain FMJ is an economical practice option that gives you a generally consistent point of impact with your defensive ammo (with some variation for velocity).

And finally, this one is for Robb.  Look Robb, 10mm ammo for less than $1 per round!

I’ve done a lot of business with Lucky Gunner for the last year and a half, and yes, they are an advertiser and supporter of Gun Nuts, but they’re also a good company to work with.  I’ve been able to get ammo from them when I can’t find it anywhere else, and I’m happy that they’re out there supporting the shooting sports!


  1. Cheaper than dirt has Remington and Federal Eagle .40SW as low as $15.49 for a 50 round box, other brands as low as $13. Or did I miss a private joke?

  2. Bob, math was never my strong suite but $250 for 1000 rounds works out to $12.50 a box. Plus, the MBI stuff is better quality than Remington, although the Federal is good ammo.

  3. Sorry, guess I need to put away the crack pipe. For some reason I read “10mm”, and looked at the price for .40 S&W…
    Now that I am on the same page Cheaper than dirt has something called “BVAC” 10mm 180gr FMJ for $179.49 per 500pk.

  4. “If you’re like me, you like to practice with the same bullet weight that you use in your carry guns, and all my .38s are loaded with 125 grain +P JHP.”

    I tend to get razzed by my friends when they see me pickup ammo about doing this and I’m surprised more don’t make the effort. Sure, you could argue that you are limiting yourself by doing so but I don’t see it that way. If you practice with a lighter or heavier round than what you carry with then it introduces a factor into the equation that is already dangerous to begin with.

    If you are unable to use the same weight and velocity round for practice that you carry then you need to ask yourself why that is. You may be surprised by the answers you find and even may be able to identify to improve not only the quality of your practice but your choice in both platform and defensive ammo.

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