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Firearms and Training from Gun Blogger Rendezvous – lots off pics.

.500 S&W bump fire.  Interesting phenomenon – the gun recoils so violently that your trigger finger can be forced off the trigger enough to allow it to reset, but because your brain is screaming at your hand “OMG HOLD ON FOR DEAR LIFE” the squeeze causes your finger to contract on the trigger guard and fire a second shot.

Crimson Trace Defense awarded contract for LaserGuard for HK45C. I am routinely amazed when people buy lasers from companies other than Crimson Trace.  Not only are the leader in product innovation, but they also have great customer service, and quite simply a product that flat works.

.45 Colt blows right the hell up.  Reloading is an inherently dangerous activity and requires EXTREME attention to detail.  The .45 Colt is a very high volume case, and a light load can cause weird pressure spikes; it’s also easy to overcharge the .45 Colt case if using smokeless powder.  Combine that with an old Colt revolver, and you have a recipe for tears.

And finally, there are no magic swords.  Guns break.  Even good guns.  The difference between a good gun and a crappy gun can be anything from how long it takes to break to how easy it is to fix; but when you shoot a gun enough something bad is eventually going to happen.  Of interest to me are the failures of the optical sights on some of the guns during the carbine class.


  1. A lot of people buy lasers from other places than Crimson Trace because not everyone can afford $200-300 for a laser. 😉

  2. A friend of mine, who is probably one of the more experienced in the country at shooting and reloading the 500 S&W, has a lot of people shoot the 500 for the first time at local forum events. He always loads only one round the first time because of this issue and general uncertainty of how people will react to the stupendous recoil involved.

  3. actually the .45 revolver may have had lock up issues according the poster the primer strike on the round that KB’ed was on the edge of the primer.

  4. Yeah, that’s him. He also taught me how to operate the Hornady LnL when I was press shopping. His reloading setup is a sight to see. I forget how many calibers he loads, but IIRC he has like 20-30 shellplates for the LnL.

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