Auction Arms ditches GPal

The sad saga of GPal continues.  Even without visiting CalGuns, which has become the clearing house for GPal woes, you can find a lot of info on the web about GPal.  Robb has thoughts, Sailorcurt does as well, and a google search for GPal Fraud or something along those lines will lead you to hours and hours of entertaining reading.  The latest development is that they’re hiring “additional tech support”, which is great and all except tech support doesn’t cut checks.  That’s what you need a temp accounting firm for – you hand them a book of names that you owe money to, and say “cut these people checks most rickey-tick”.

I personally have had 1 interaction with GPal.  When they first showed up as “GunPal”, I rolled my eyes and thought the name was stupid, when they changed over to GPal I figured I’d try and register.  What a nightmare that was.  Like most auto-deposit systems, they send two small deposits to your checking account for verification purposes.  Except that GPal sent 6 small deposits, and then locked my account.  So I figured if they can’t get that right, there was no way I was letting them at my cash.

Bottom line?  Right now, something is rotten in Denmark.  GPal continues to dodge and evade – instead of cutting checks and getting people the thousands of dollars they’re owed, they’re hiring tech support?  In the words of my people: “that dog don’t hunt”.


  1. It’s a real pity, too. I had high hopes for GPal, even going so far as using them as the “pay now” button on my website. Thankfully I never had a client use that option.

  2. “Even without visiting CalGuns, which has become the clearing house for GPal woes”

    That would be a more accurate statement if the head of GPal wasn’t deleting/changing most of the negative posts on there. That does more to ensure that I’ll never use their service than anything else.

    It’s a lot easier to fix the technical issues than it is to develop a moral compass that late in life.

  3. I remember when GPal was announced and was fairly excited about it. Now, especially being a longtime Calguns member, this is just turning into an absolute disaster and I really hope that neither branch of Calguns gets splashed badly by this or at the very least those responsible publicly distance themselves from it.

    I mean, the last thing those of us in the P.R.K. need is to give the clowns up in Sacramento ammo to cripple a lot of good that Calguns has done for 2A in this state. -_-

  4. Calguns has done a lot of good but their codling of Ben Cannon and the way they helped him launch this business despite being aware of his MANY character flaws really hurts them. It huts the forum, the foundation, everything. I won’t give them another dime and I’ve been giving them money every month.

    The way they let Ben get away with editing customer posts and banning people for criticizing gpal is too much to handle, for me at least. The way the admin there Kestryll goes to other forums and makes excuses for Ben is even more revolting. No, I’m done. I just want my money and to be rid of the lot of em.

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