I get it for the pictures

You can join the US Concealed Carry Association here.  Membership gives you access to all the articles in the magazine in handy online format.  You get writers like Mas Ayoob, Todd Green, Gabe Suarez, Rob Pincus, Tam, and some guy that was on a reality TV show.  The magazine also recently went advertisement free, meaning no bias on the reviewers.


  1. I went to check out the website and the marketing really rubs me the wrong way. It’s very late night infomercial. I just want the magazine and access to the online back issues. $47 seems pretty steep for that. I don’t care about all of their ‘reports’ and crap.

  2. Jeff, I understand how you feel about the marketing. While there is a certain amount of schlockiness on the website, the “reports” are actually well written articles. The membership fees get you the magazine as well as access to all our back issues, so it’s like getting a bunch of magazines.

  3. Yeah, i sent them money and was under the impression, from the website, that I would get an actual magazine. Nope. Since then I’ve come to learn that I need to send more money for the Executive Diamond Key Club Passport. And THEN the actual physical magazine would be released to me. Or something.

    I’m glad I sent the original dough in for supporting youse and Tam, but I won’t be sending them any more. I prefer my magazine subscriptions more binary. It’s less of a hassle that way.

  4. I also took a look last time Tam got mentioned as a writer. While I’m sure the content is good, the subscription layout just didn’t work for me. A magazine delivered to your door in the $20-25 range, and that’s it, needs to be an option. Consumer Reports is in that range and they don’t take ads either.

    Then sell the online access separately. The online junkies win and the Luddites win. Requiring people that just want a magazine to jump past the online thing bugged me enough to pass.

  5. Caleb,
    I’m a new member of the USCCA, so this issue was my first. I enjoyed your article. I hope to see lots more in the future.

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